Wow! What new Li battery technology means.

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Wow! What new Li battery technology means.

It’s amazing how a problem can provide the impetus for a technological shift.

We have hired two-stroke petrol concrete saws since day one. Our favourite machine is the Stihl TS420. The 350mm blade is ideal for almost every concrete task and the reliable 67cc engine pumps out a healthy 4.4HP. All this from a machine that weighs just 10kg.

We stock a range of different concrete saw options, but the Stihl TS420 is the ‘go-to’ machine for most tradies.

However it’s one of those machines that requires brute strength to start. And, like all two-stroke petrol engines, it’s easy to ‘flood’ with too much gas. It’s not the best choice for many customers.

We’ve been looking at battery-powered options for some time. Alas the standard Makita 18 volt technology has lacked the necessary power or endurance – spinning a big blade requires a lot of energy and a combination of 18 volt batteries was never going to be enough.

Thankfully the new XGT 40-volt battery technology from Makita now offers a viable alternative. Using two batteries in series provides 80 volts, not much less than your standard American corded power tool.
And advances in battery technology go hand-in-hand with new motor technology. Makita have perfected new brushless motor technology, with less moving parts and less friction. Less friction means less wear and less heat loss. Less heat loss means greater motor output and a longer battery life.

So we took the plunge and bought our first 80V Concrete Saw and 40 volt lithium batteries. The Makita CE001GZ has a 355mm blade and 4.8HP of power. Check out the details on our website at https://bit.ly/UHHMakConcSaw

The combination of 2 x 40 volt 8.0Ah batteries provides enough energy for up to 100 standard cuts. Starting is effortless and it can safely be used indoors without risk of carbon monoxide fumes.

The new Makita 80V saw has only had a couple of hires but customer feedback has been great. Seems like it might be the start of things to come.



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