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Using technology to make things safer

Anyone who knows us, knows that we’re pretty much hands-on here at Upper Hutt Hire. We like the old-fashioned approach to providing personal service. We’d rather chat than send an email, and find we can usually juggle customers requirements better over the phone, than through some sort of automated computerised booking system.

So it might come as a shock to see a few QR codes starting to appear on some of our machinery. These little pixilated compilations of formicating squares are something you’d normally associated with iPhones and millennials and fancy IT hardware, and not a chainsaw or chipper.

Over the last few months there’s been a gradual shift in the way we provide health & safety information to customers. While we try and provide as much information on our website as possible, frankly much of the important stuff is hard to comprehend. And let’s be brutally honest: hardly anyone reads the operators manuals for most of the gear we hire, so it’s usually difficult to identify the important stuff that might really hurt you.

Upper Hutt Hire has picked up on the initiative from the NZ Hire Industry Association (HIANZ) and started providing Equipment Safety Data Sheets (known as ESDS’s) for some of our equipment. The aim behind the ESDS is to condense the critical risk and safety information for a particular piece of equipment into an easy-to-read succinct one-pager. There’s a few pipeline of ESDS’s coming and will be updating our website as the information becomes available.

The other issue we face is a legislative requirement to provide a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for any hazardous materials we provide. If you hire a chainsaw from us, and grab a spare can of fuel at the time, we are required by law to provide a copy of the MSDS to you. The law varies according to whether it’s for business or personal use, or if you’ve had the document before, but we won’t always know your circumstances. Therefore, to cover all bases, we’ve decided to blitz everyone.

Hence the QR code. It literally deals with two birds with one stone.

Scan the QR code on your phone and it will link you directly with our Health & Safety Page. Scroll down the page and find all the H&S information you might need, including the ESDS’s, product information and the MSDS’s for various fuels. Neat eh?

The system is still in trial phase. We’re hoping the stickers will stick, and won’t rub off under normal operating conditions. We’re happy to provide hard copies of the documents (they’re freely available), and we’d welcome feedback. Let us know what you think. And ask Bully how he’s getting one mastering this new technology. He might even show you how to scan the QR code on his phone.

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