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  • Upper Hutt Hire equipment rental blog paint enamel oil-based equipment rent borrow

    The virtues of oil-based enamel paint

    A small painting project three years ago had us reflecting on how far paint technology had developed in the last…

  • Upper Hutt Hire DIY Concrete repair demolition kanjo hammer breaker rent equipment

    Simple concrete repairs

    Concrete is a strong and universal building material. It’s easy to use and cost-effective (in most situations). It’s only major…

  • Excavator Safety (Part 2): Dismount from the trailer

    There’s a story, circulating in New Zealand Ice Hockey Circles (Yes, we play Ice Hockey here in NZ), about a…

  • Excavator Kubota Upper Hutt Hire Digger rent hire equipment borrow tools

    Using an Excavator safely (Part 1)

    Last week was a happy time for us. We took delivery of our new Kubota 1.7MT excavator. It’s arrival (and…

  • Chain saw chainsaw rent borrow hire power tool Upper Hutt Hire

    A few comments about chainsaws…

    Since we opened 4 years ago, one of our most popular lines has been our chainsaw hire service. Chainsaws have…


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