Spring is sprung

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Spring is sprung

The rain stopped about an hour ago, and the calendar says it’s spring, so hopefully the weather might improve to allow a bit of spring lawn maintenance.

This week we thought we might write about a few initiatives to enhance the condition of your lawn, in optimistic anticipation of a nice long warm summer…

  1. Raking

Raking up any leaves and debris seldom features on the ‘fun’ list. However a good deep rack plays a valuable role in controlling thatch in lawns and providing aeration to the grass roots. If the thatch is getting too thick, you might want to consider hiring our dethatcher or scarifier.

  1. Compaction

Areas of lawn that see a lot of traffic usually become compacted, resulting in uneven height, poor grass growth and dirt trampled indoors. A few well-placed pavers (or a small concrete path) plus some additional top soil may restore the evenness and elegance to your lawn.

  1. Fertiliser

Needless to say the spreading of lawn-specific fertiliser will enhance the health of your lawn.

  1. Over-seeding

Applying additional grass seed to bare patches (and sufficient watering) should result in new grass growth and restore the evenness of the lawn.

  1. Pulling weeds

Spring is a great time to remove any large weeds that have survived and grown during the winter. There are a number of suitable herbicides available, but often the best method is to apply small quantities of boiling water, or remove by hand with a small knife.

If the task seems a bit arduous, please remember that we have a wide selection of garden tools to make your spring gardening easier. Please go to our website or give us a call on 04 528 4473.




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