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Pump Hire

Pumping water can be a physics and engineering challenge. For us, finding the right pump in a hurry is a bit easier: it’s more a matter of what we have and ensuring it will do what you need it will get the job done.

Pumping shouldn’t be too complicated. Essentially it’s a matter of moving water away from one place where you don’t want it, or moving to a place where you do want it, or a combination of both.

Physicals certainly play a vital part. Firstly there’s only so far you can suck water up, around 10 meters, at sea level and with good equipment and a favourable phase of the moon. Friction losses and faulty equipment limit this distance further, so trying to suck up water from more than about 5 meters below the pump slows things down. In these sorts of situations you’re better to get a pump at the water source and push it up.

The second limit is how high you need to pump the water. Obviously the higher you want to go, the more energy needed. Most of our pumps will handle pumps of 10 meters, but the higher you go the slower the rate.

Our 50 mm Submersible Koshin Electric pump http://bit.ly/UHHSubPump is great for pushing water from a hole or swimming pool. It will handle pump dirty water (with a bit of fine solids in suspension) and will chug along at about 260 litres per minute and will pump to a maximum head of 10 meters.

When you need a higher flow rate our 50mm petrol pump will run at twice the rate http://bit.ly/UHH50mmPetrolPump . The Petrol Engine is ideal for situations when mains electricity isn’t available (such as the farm) and easily transportable.

Our 50mm Trash Pump https://bit.ly/UHH4Trash_Pump is great for emptying foundations and excavations, especially if you are trying to pour concrete but it pissed down with rain. This machine is designed to handle a bit more gravel and ideal for removing water from dirty holes.

If you have a pumping problem and need to hire a pump for a few hours give us a call.  We’ve got a range of inlet and discharge pipes and hoses and we’re sure we can sort something out for you.

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