Providing vital Health & Safety Information: The ESDS.

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Providing vital Health & Safety Information: The ESDS.

Scroll through many of the product pages on our website and you’ll probably come across a link to something called as ESDS… short for Equipment Safety Data Sheet. Their links to various pieces of equipment is increasing and there are almost 20 of these scattered throughout our website, linked to high risk products.

The Equipment Safety Data Sheet project is an initiative funded by the Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (HIANZ) and seeks to provide concise information about the safe use of equipment for HIANZ members customers.

The manufactures of hire equipment provide owner’s manuals. These are often written with health & safety information entwined with maintenance details: it makes it hard to sift out what’s important and what might cause you (or someone else) serious harm.

So HIANZ has come up with a number of one-page ESDS’s. The graphics are brilliant, and the layout summarises the key things that might cause you injury. They’re slick and easy to read, so you won’t need to waste time flicking through numerous pages of a owners manual.

You can download them from our website, either from the individual product pages, or from our dedicated Health & Safety page http://bit.ly/UHH_HS_Page . And if you can’t find what you need, please ask us. Keeping our customers safe is good for business and peace of mind.

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