TuffTruk Electric Dumper (500kg)

TuffTruk Electric Dumper (500kg)

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Our UK-built TuffTruk Mini Dumper provides easy shifting power for use indoors and out.

The 24V battery system drives all four wheels to give optimal traction and grip.  The articulated chassis design assists to give good stability. Braking is provided with a fail-safe regenerative braking system.

The dump bucket is a heavy duty poly skip and will hold up to 500kg of material. Material is dumped with a manual 2-stage self-tipping mechanism.

The TuffTruk Minin Dumper will fit through a 860mm gap and will operate on gradients of up to 25°, depending on load configuration. The batteries will provide up to 8 hours of activity.

At 500kg maximum load weight, this dumper will move the equivalent of  3-4 standard wheel barrows of material. The benefit is that this machine will accomplish the task easier, quicker and safer. You’ll get the job done faster and feel less exhausted.

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