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Tile Saw (240V) Husqvarna 9″ (230mm)

Tile Saw (240V) Husqvarna 9″ (230mm)

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Our Husqvarna Tile saw uses a 1 KW motor and high speed cutting mechanism, sliding on a precision guide rail system, to cut tiles with accuracy. The 730 mm cutting length has been designed to cut 50 cm x 50 cm tiles diagonally. The saw can also be beveled to cut at 45°. The sturdy frame can be folded for easy transport.


Please note: This saw uses a commercial diamond blade, which wears according to the material cut and the time used. Each blade is measured prior to, and after hire, to determine the amount of blade used. Usage is charged accordingly, and is additional to the stated hire costs. A minimum blade fee of $20 (incl GST) applies.


Click here for Standard Operating Procedure for this Tile saw



Click here for Husqvarna Owners manual


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