Strobe Light Neo Flash LED

Strobe Light Neo Flash LED

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Neoflash 150 Strobe light
There is nothing quite like a strobe light to give effect to a party. The Neoflash 150 is roughly equivalent brightness to a xenon strobe of yester-year but at a fraction of the power draw, and capable of producing unbelievable effects with the unique angled banks of LED. It operates in sound active, automatic, master / slave and DMX modes for flexible control and operation. You can control this strobe light it as one extreme strobe, or via DMX. Each panel can operate independently – brightness, strobe flash rate etc so you can create stunning visual strobe effects. The flash rate is variable from nothing to full white – so use it as a blinder or a flood light for short term illumination and then strobe at different angles for impressive effect. After 8 seconds at full white the light is programmed to reduce power by 50% to prevent overheating but as a blinder and flood they are very effective.


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