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Rotary Hoe 8HP Honda

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Our Honda FRC800 Rotary Hoes have been designed to  produce loam grade soil for new lawns and enhanced growth.

These units are powered by a reliable Honda GX240 8HP commercial grade engine, through a commercial-grade transmission, with 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear, which provides maximum efficiency and power to the tines. The machine is self-propelled.

The tilling width of the rotary hoe is 500mm and with a tine diameter of 300mm, it’s possible to achieve deep tillage. All the Honda machines are fitted with an adjustable depth bar, which restrains the forward motion of the tiller, resulting in smoother operation and better prepared soil.

The controls on the Honda FRC800 Rotary Hoe are simple and straightforward, even for a first time user. The controls are ergonomically designed for more comfortable operation and the machine is engineered to minimise operator vibration. The engine stop switch, throttle lever and tine engagement lever are all positioned and identified for the quick operation.

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