Radius 2 Light

Radius 2 Light

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Sound activated special effect light for private parties, DJs and Nightclubs. This light is very simple to use as a stand alone light or link several together or you can run them on DMX. It creates overlapping, multi-coloured sound activated rings of light with he Radius 2 effect. It’s powered by special RGBWA LEDs so you get an extremely bright output. It offers variable strobe in any colour combination and a variable-speed motor to control the back-and-forth motion. It is loaded with built-in automatic and sound active programs that start as soon as you turn it on, or you can operate under DMX control. Weighs 3.8 kg and measures 268 mm x 330mm x 243 mm. Come down and check out our ‘light’ room to compare this light with the others in our range.


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