Post Hole Borer (Excavator Attachment)

Post Hole Borer (Excavator Attachment)

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Our AugerTorque Earthdrill 2000 Post Hole Borer Attachment makes post hole boring easy, and will bolt on to one of our 1.7MT Kato excavators.

The Earthdrill 2000 unit comprises an Eaton US –built hydraulic motor, British gearbox, and is designed for excavators in the 1.5 MT to 2.5 MT class. The drive units are assembled in Australia by AugerTorque, who also manufacture the 300 mm and 450 mm augers. While the augers are Aussie made, they are built to a New Zealand specification: the kiwi design features a flatter pitch screw which helps hold more material on the blade, allowing more material to be removed from the hole each time.

Pricing includes either the 350 mm auger or the 450 mm auger, but does not include Excavator hire charges.



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