Post Hole Borer 9HP Cantileving

Post Hole Borer 9HP Cantileving

Main motor unit:

4 Hours

8 Hours

24 Hours


($69.57 +GST)


($86.96 +GST)



Select from our range 100mm / 150mm / 200mm / 250mm / 300mm augers:

4 Hours

8 Hours

24 Hours


($21.74 +GST)





The Digga post hole borer is designed to allow for the easy and safe excavation of post holes. The cantilever mechanism provides for accurate drilling of holes while also helping to prevent kickback. The borer is powered by a 9HP petrol motor which drives the hydraulic pump, allowing the borer head to pivot through a wide angle. Our selection of different sized augers are fitted with tungsten tips for increased durability and improved digging.

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