Circular Saw 165mm 18V Makita

Circular Saw 165mm 18V Makita

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(Please note: Price does not include blades)

Our Makita DHS680Z 165mm Cordless Circular provides the latest in battery power for carpentry work, where mains power is not readily available.  This saw features the new Makita brushless DC power to provide 5000 rpm maximum blade rotation, with automatic speed change technology for optimal cutting performance. It also features a LED control light and an electric quick-stop brake for added safety. The unit weighs only 3.3Kg, and will cut timber to 57mm depth, making it suitable for 50-300mm x 50mm timber work.

A fully-charged 18V Li-ion battery is included, along with a 240V charging station. A blade is provided but additional blades may be required.



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