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Lawn Aerator 48cm 3.5HP

Lawn Aerator 48cm 3.5HP

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Our Ryan Lawnaire Lawn Aerator  or Lawn Corer assists with lawn maintenance and will help you develop a more lush and healthy lawn.

The Ryan Lawnaire IV lawn aerator features a Honda GX120 recoil start engine and a row of 30 coring steel tines of 19mm individual width. The circular action of the tines pokes holes in the soil to break up compacted soil, aerate the soil and allow water and nutrients to permeate into the root zone. It has a coring depth of up to 70mm and the machine will aerate up to 2500m2 per hour. It’s also fitted with Easy-Turn Technology so you can navigate around curves and shrubs.

This unit weighs 135kg and is best transported on a trailer (trailers available for hire at additional charge). Loading and unloading onto the back of Utes is a bit risky.


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