Kubota 1.7 MT Excavator (Tilt Hitch)

Kubota 1.7 MT Excavator (Tilt Hitch)

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Our 1.7 MT Kubota excavator is fully equipped with a factory-fitted dozer blade, and Tilt Hitch mechanism with quick inter-change between the three buckets provided as part of this package. This excavator has expandable tracks and will extend from 990 mm width to 1240 mm. The rubber tracks help minimise damage to gardens and roading.

It also has a two-speed travel mode to help get to the job site sooner. This excavators has a zero-swing configuration and has a 2310 mm maximum dig depth and the ability to dump up to 2400 mm height.  Power is provided by a 17 HP diesel motor, with 45 litre / min hydraulic oil pump capacity.

Hire rates include a trailer and three buckets. Your vehicle must have a tow bar and towing capacity rated at 2500kg or greater.

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