Kato 1.7 MT Excavator (Tilt Hitch)

Kato 1.7 MT Excavator (Tilt Hitch)

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Our  1.7 MT Kato Excavators are beauties. They have a digging radius of 3.9M, a bucket digging force of 16.4 kn and will work on slopes up to 30°. These excavators are ideal for drain digging, foundations and general site clearance. We have also plumbed them to take our post hole borer attachment.

The tracks on the Kato 1.7MT digger retract to give a width of 960mm, making it ideal for tight spaces. However the tracks then extend to 1300mm to give optimal stability while excavating. These are also fitted with rubber tracks to minimise damage to gardens and footpaths.

These excavators have all been fitted with the Tiltman hitch system, which affords the operator with the ability to manoeuvre the buckets laterally.  Changing between  any one of the three buckets supplied is quick and easy using the quick release Tiltman system. Like all our excavators we supply three buckets and the factory-fitted dozer blade.

Hire includes a purpose-built Brent Smith excavator trailer.

Our Kato excavators are also configured to allow the fitting of our hydraulic Auger Torque Post Hole Borer attachment. Click here for more information on the borer attachment.

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