IHI Kato 1.2MT Excavator

IHI Kato 1.2MT Excavator

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Our IHI Kato 1.2MT excavator provides a nice combination compact size with superb performance.

Hydraulic power is supplied by an economical Yanmar 13HP 900cc diesel engine and a zero-tail swing configuration with integrated counterweight.

The Kato HD12VXE has retractable rubber tracks and will fit through 900mm gaps. The two-post TOPS system folds down to allow access to areas of low headroom. The IHI Kato is perfect for small landscaping projects, trencing and general earth moving.

The excavator package includes 3 buckets, dozer blade and a dedicated trailer.

Power: 12.5 HP 3 cylinder diesel motor (854 cc) producing 210 bar hydraulic power (max)
Noise Level: 88dBA. Hearing protection required as noise level exceeds the 85dB / 8 hour exposure recommendation.


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