Drum Floor Sander 8″ (200mm)

Drum Floor Sander 8″ (200mm)

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The Silver-Line SL8 Drum Sander is designed to produce professional results when sanding floors and decks. The 1.0 HP constant speed motor spins the drum at 1800 rpm, while the tilt action of the Sander allows for better control of the abrasive action. The sand paper is held between two spring-loaded cams and the entire unit weighs 52 kg. The Motor draws 18 amps, so a short heavy-duty extension cord is needed to ensure no significant voltage drop, and the risk of tripping the fuses.

We also have a range of different grit sandpapers  (#36, #40, #60, #80, #100 and #120) available for purchase.

The sandpaper is secured between two lobed cams. Insert the paper and rotate the cams to draw in the paper to create a tight fit. Alternatively view the video below.

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