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Concrete Saw Petrol Husqvarna 400mm

Concrete Saw Petrol Husqvarna 400mm

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The Husqvarna K970 concrete or cutoff saw has extra cutting power and a larger 400mm blade, allowing cuts to a depth of 125mm.

The power behind the blade is provided by Husqvarna’s legendary 2-stroke engine technology, with the 93.6cc engine producing a solid 4.8KW of grunt.

This saw weighs just over 11kg, so the the weight is more manageable, making it ideally suited to stationary horizontal cuts. Class V hearing protection is required because the noise emissions range from 104 – 115dB

Please note that this saw uses a commercial diamond blade, which wears according to the material cut and the time used. Each blade is measured prior to, and after hire, to determine the amount of blade used. Usage is charged accordingly, and is additional to the stated hire costs. A minimum blade fee of $20 (incl GST) applies.


We strongly recommend that all saws be run using the water attachment and that a breathing mask be worn to reduce the risk of silicosis because (contrary to popular belief)  water does not stop all of the dust!


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Download the Equipment Safety Data Sheet (ESDS) for this Concrete Saw here.


Please click here for Worksafe 'Cutoff' Saw safety information


Download the Husqvarna Owners Manual for this 'Cutoff' Saw here.


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