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Concrete Floor Saw 9HP

Concrete Floor Saw 9HP

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The Husqvarna FS309 Concrete Saw or floor cutter is a new addition to our portfolio. It is mounted on a wheeled chassis, designed to assist with making extended cuts in concrete. We chose this machine as it provides good stability for making straight-line cuts, yet only weighs 70kg, and can be easily transported in the back of a car or truck. It’s powered by a 9 Hp Petrol engine and has a 350mm diamond blade to give a maximum cutting depth of 120mm.

Please note: This saw uses a commercial diamond blade, which wears according to the material cut and the time used. Each blade is measured prior to, and after hire, to determine the amount of blade used. Usage is charged accordingly, and is additional to the stated hire costs. A minimum blade fee of $20 (incl GST) applies.

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Click here for the Husqvarna brochure + specs for this machine


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