Concrete Saw 355mm 80V Makita

Concrete Saw 355mm 80V Makita

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Our Makita 80V Concrete Saw is a great option when standard two-stroke petrol saws aren’t suitable.

The Makita CE001GZ Saw has a cutting disc size of 355mm ( 14”), providing a cutting depth of 127mm. To provide the required power, Makita have equipped this saw with 2 of the new 40V XGT batteries to provide 3.6KW.

To reduce the risk of injury, the saw incorporates Active Feedback Sensors, which shuts down the saw in the event of a kickback.

The saw weighs 12 kg and is fitted with a water feed to supress dust. The vibration from the saw is lower than normal two-stroke machines (only 2.0m/s²) but the cutting disc still creates up to 109 dB so Class V hearing protection is mandatory.

The Makita CE001GZ is perfect when cutting indoors or when normal starting of a petrol saw is too difficult.

The saw is supplied with a concrete disc, 2 x 8.0aH batteries and charger. Please note that this saw uses a commercial diamond blade, which wears according to the material cut and the time used.  A minimum blade fee of $20 (incl GST) applies.


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