Concrete Saw 350mm Petrol Stihl

Concrete Saw 350mm Petrol Stihl

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Please note that this saw uses a commercial diamond blade, which wears according to the material cut and the time used.  A minimum blade fee of $20 (incl GST) applies.


Our Stihl 350mm concrete saw is ideal for cutting concrete above and below ground. The 350mm cutting wheels will cut to 125mm depth, with straight cuts made easy with the pivot legs. The two stroke 67cc motor puts out a healthy 4.4 HP. The saw weighs a manageable 9.6 kg, and has a hose attachment to reduce concrete dust and lubricate the blade.

We strongly recommend that all saws be run using the water attachment and that a breathing mask be worn to reduce the risk of silicosis. Contrary to popular belief, water does not stop all of the dust!


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