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“Castle” Bouncy Castle with Slide

“Castle” Bouncy Castle with Slide


1/2 Day




Our Bouncy Castles are great for any event or any age. These castles are especially designed and built especially for us, and are inflated by a powerful electric blower unit, which will get the castle up and ready for play within 90 seconds. The “Castle” Bouncy Castle features a small slide and measures approximately 5 m x 5m x 5m.


Given high demand during weekends, we strongly recommend that you book and prepay (plus a $30 bond) for a bouncy castle for that special occasion. We do offer a 100% refund if the weather turns foul, as long as you cancel by 8am on the morning of the intended hire.


As we don’t have a large space to erect them for cleaning and drying, we ask that you return them clean and dry as a courtesy to tne next customer.

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