Bomag 1.6MT Drum Roller

Bomag 1.6MT Drum Roller

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Our Bomag Light Articulated Steered Tandem Roller is ideal for compacting and asphalt applications, especially car parks, drive ways, footpaths, cycle paths and asphalt repairs.

The roller weighs in at 1600 kg and is fitted with 900 mm wide rollers. The 3-cylinder 15KW diesel engine will power this machine up to an eye-watering speed of 10 km/hr.

Both drums are fitted with on / off vibration capability, with the front drum able to provide 42hz vibration at 0.5 mm oscillation exerting 8KN force, while the rear drum will vibrate at 63 hz at 0.5 mm to give 17 KN force.

Each drum has a pair of flexible rubber scrapping blades and the machine has a total water spray capacity of 100 litres to provide water to both drums. A purpose-built trailer is included in all hire rates.

The controls are easy to operate, with a simple joy stick operation for forwards / backwards motion and inbuilt safety features including the auto cut-off switch on the seat. Price includes a dedicated trailer. Diesel extra.

Compaction output (m3/hr) at recommended soil layer thickness:
Gravel / Sand            70 – 120 m3/hr
Mixed Soil                  45 – 90 m3/hr
Silt / Clay                   35 – 70 m3/hr

Compaction output (t/hr) at different asphalt layer thicknesses:
2 – 4 cm                  15 – 30 t/hr
6 – 8 cm                  30 – 50 t/hr
10 – 14 cm              40 – 80 t/hr



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