Five ways to pave your problems away

Five ways to pave your problems away

Everyone likes a nice bit of lawn. Unfortunately everyone’s probably got a few places where the weeds congregate or the grass won’t grow and the corner looks a bit messy. With such a huge range of pavers available and a couple of hours of work you’ll be able to add a touch of class to your backyard.

Here’s a few tips for paving.

1. Behold what’s below.

Paving will probably require a small amount of excavation before adding any base course and sand. Before starting work, check to ensure you aren’t working close to underground cables and pipes.

2. Get the dimensions right.

Most councils require any paving to be at least 150 mm below the interior floor level, so make sure you allow for the depth of the base course + paving sand + pavers in your calculations. (Check with the Council first). For large paving areas you’ll also need to allow for a gradient of 10 – 20 mm drop for every meter of paving.

3. Compact

Hiring a small compactor will make a hug difference to the quality of the final job. Compacting the ground and the base course will result in a flat even surface that has less chance of moving or sinking. We have a good range of compactors at http://bit.ly/2fWePkf and a two-hour hire of our 65kg compactor might be all you’ll need.

4. Cut correctly

Most Circular Saws can be fitted with diamond tipped masonry blades. Unfortunately most Circular Saws can be operated with water jets and are usually restricted to 5 mm depth cuts. Try cutting any pavers down to a depth of 5 mm on all four sides then repeat with a deeper cut +5mm. Alternatively check out our paver and brick saw at http://bit.ly/UHH2rIiabW which is designed for wet cutting.

5. Get creative

There are some wonderful pavers and stones available to make your garden look fantastic. Consider creating a border with pavers and incorporate some river stones or white rock in your mosaic design.


With a bit of planning and thought you’ll soon tidy up that corner and forever wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

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