Lawn Maintenance

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Lawn Maintenance

As summer rolls to an end, now is the time to consider some annual lawn maintenance. A bit of work at the end of summer (or in early spring) can yield a resilient, healthy-looking lawn.

In the last few years we’ve had increasing demand for specialised equipment such as lawn scarifiers and lawn corers or aerators. We’ve added this equipment to our range, along with a few other lawn maintenance tools such as our rollers and spray unit to our lawn maintenance projects page https://www.upperhutthire.co.nz/product-category/projects/lawn-maintenance/

Lawn dethatching helps promote healthy lawn growth by slicing through the thick level of thatch or root network which usually forms at the base of grass, where the stems meet the roots and ultimately the soil. Generally speaking, thick layers of thatch more than 25mm deep slow down the drainage of water and nutrients into the subsoil, reducing the need for the grass to develop a deeper, more resilient root network.

Lawn coring is an easy way to alleviate the issues caused by lawn compaction, particularly in high traffic areas. Lawn coring or aeration punches holes into the soil using hollow tines and removing plugs of soil from the lawn. Coring provides a simple method to introduce water, nutrients and oxygen to the soil. Coring machines drop the plugs on the lawn. These can either be raked up, or mown over, or left to naturally breakdown over time.

Picking the right weather conditions for coring is a bit tricky: the lawn should be hydrated but not overly saturated, and coring during the warmer months (when the grass is actively growing) allows the lawn time to recover quickly.

Along with lawn scarifiers and corers we also have a range of mowers, weed eaters and (for really serious stuff) several different rotary hoes. Check out the website pages or give us a call on 04-5284473.



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