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Health and Safety

Covit-19 Pandemic 2020

Update 2 April 2020

Dear Customers,

Upper Hutt Hire has been confirmed by MBIE to be a provider of assistance of essential services and critical infrastructure so long as it provides one of the following essential services:
– Supply of electricity, gas, water, waste water (sanitation)
– Building and construction required immediately to maintain human health and safety, avoid significant environmental harm, ensure the continuation or prevent the failure of an essential service
– Regulatory service in relation to building consenting, compliance and resource consenting necessary for essential services outlined above
– Supply of products and materials necessary for essential services outlined above

We are closed to the general public and available to supply equipment for Emergency and Essential Services ONLY.

To protect our team members and our customers any emergency or essential supplies we will be offering a closed site / delivery service-only basis.

1. Our service will be on a “Delivery Only” basis

During the shutdown we will be operating from a “closed site” and offering a delivery-only service. Please do not arrive at 20 Goodshed Road with the expectation of collecting equipment, as the refusal will probably offend.

2. Delivery Charges

Delivery charges will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

3. Contactless Payment

We will only be accepting payment by direct payment to our account or by putting your credit card details directly into our Eftpos machine. We will not be providing any paper copies of invoices or user manuals.

4. Safe delivery and collection

Please designate a safe area for delivery and collection. The area must be outside. We will also be using a Benzalkonium Chloride Disinfectant Spray to kill any bacteria and viruses, and will apply this during delivery and collection.

5. Health & Safety is still important

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. As we cannot provide paper copies of important health & safety information we refer you to our website for important information on how to safely use the equipment. Please read this before using the equipment.

If you require our services please call Garry on 027 7426583



We will also file all important Health & Safety information concerning the Covid-19 situation here.

Health & Safety at Upper Hutt Hire

At Upper Hutt Hire we take Health and Safety seriously.

We have listed Equipment Safety Data Sheets (ESDS) for various equipment types, in alphabetical order. We have also listed manufacturers manuals for specific pieces of equipment and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for various fuels and oils.

If you are looking for any specific information for a piece of equipment and can’t find it below, please contact us.


Asbestos Information from Worksafe New Zealand (Updated May 2018)

Click here for Asbestos safety information for BUILDERS

Click here for Asbestos safety information for ELECTRICIANS

Click here for Asbestos safety information for PAINTERS

Click here for Asbestos safety information for PLUMBERS

Other Worksafe information

Click here for Worksafe NZ information on handling, transportation and erection of precast concrete

Click here for the HSE (UK) Vibration Ready Reckoner

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