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Health and Safety

Covid-19 Level 3 Lockdown September 2021

We are open under Level 3 restrictions. To ensure contactless transactions we can only allow customers onsite who have pre-booked equipment. Please call us on 04-5284473 to make a booking.

To ensure we have accounted for all potential risks we have carried out a thorough risk assessment and made a number of changes.

It is also vitally important that equipment health & safety is not neglected during this time. Please use this page or the individual product pages to download any necessary H&S information. If you are unsure please contact us.

Health & Safety

At Upper Hutt Hire we take Health and Safety seriously.

We have listed Equipment Safety Data Sheets (ESDS) for various equipment types, in alphabetical order. We have also listed manufacturers manuals for specific pieces of equipment and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for various fuels and oils.

If you are looking for any specific information for a piece of equipment and can’t find it below, please contact us.


Asbestos Information from Worksafe New Zealand (Updated May 2018)

Click here for Asbestos safety information for BUILDERS

Click here for Asbestos safety information for ELECTRICIANS

Click here for Asbestos safety information for PAINTERS

Click here for Asbestos safety information for PLUMBERS

Other Worksafe information

Click here for Worksafe NZ information on handling, transportation and erection of precast concrete

Click here for the HSE (UK) Vibration Ready Reckoner


We have stored all our Covid-19 Resources here, hopefully never to be used again.


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