Five tips for quicker easier Water Blasting

Five tips for quicker easier Water Blasting

As the weather slowly warms up, now is a great time to grab a water blaster and remove some of the winter grime that has accumulated on walls, decks and fences. Here’s five tips to make water blasting easier.

  1. Safety first

Playing around with water at high pressure introduces a range of unique risks. Firstly remember that some water blaster can produce a lot of thrust, which can move you in a way least expected. Take care, especially when working at height, and never spray your hands or feet. Always consider the debris field, as dirt and particles can get ejected at high speed. Some form of eye protection is always recommended. Finally, be very careful around electric connections, especially meter boards. Dousing an electrical fixture with copious amounts of water is never going to end well.

  1. Start with low pressure

High pressure water blasting can damage facings and older paint. Start with the water blaster at lower pressure or with a wider angle nozzle until you are sure the surface will handle high pressure.

  1. Wash at an angle

Stubborn dirt and paint spots are best removed by aiming the nozzle at a 45° angle, rather than from a perpendicular angle. Try and keep the water blaster at a constant angle.

  1. Wash walls from the bottom

Start with a quick spray across the entire wall to soften any dirt, then methodically start from the bottom and carefully remove the dirt, using broad horizontal action while keeping the nozzle at a constant distance and angle from the wall. It’s easier to see where you have washed and will avoid the risk of leaving any unwashed dirty patches. Once finished, wash the loose dirt from the wall.

  1. Take care with decks

Using the highest pressure setting on timber decks can result in visual damage and splintering of the timber. Instead, use the water blaster at a lower setting or from a greater distance. Always water blast along the grain, walking beside the deck if needed to maintain a constant angle and distance from the timber. If you need to reverse, try and make the reversing point at a bearer or nail line. The application of exterior cleaning chemicals or chlorine sprays also helps improve the final appearance of the deck.

Once you’ve finished remember to drain any water from the water blaster and the hoses. Always store and transport water blasters in an upright position so that the oil in the high pressure pump remains in contact with the critical components.

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