Falling in love again

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Falling in love again

It’s funny how you’ll forget about a piece of equipment for a few months, then suddenly rediscover it.

Such was the rediscovery this weekend, when we had the opportunity to enjoy the attributes of our little Makita 36V chainsaw.

Us blokes at Upper Hutt Hire have been bought up on the smell of a two-stroke chainsaw. This re-found admiration for the quicker, slicker lithium battery rocked our sense of ‘blokiness’ for a moment or two.

It wasn’t a big job. Just a simple trimming of a few trees and branches that had been getting in the way. The quickest option seemed to be to cut off the offending stems and dispose of them in the garden waste. To this task, the Makita was brilliant.

Unlike most other chores requiring a chainsaw, this job was very much a matter of ‘stop-and-start’. With no chainsaw motor idling in the background, there was no pressure to trim relentlessly, and it was easy to operate the chainsaw then clean up the fallen debris before moving on to the next offending branch.

The neighbours enjoyed relative silence and we could even listen to the radio while going about our duties. Weighing in at just under 5 kg it’s easy to handle, with virtually no vibration to fatigue the arms. And the chain stops almost instantly once the power button is released.

With an easily adjustable chain tensioner and auto oil feed it was easy to fall back in love with this chainsaw again. Check it out at http://bit.ly/UHH36VChainsaw



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