Cleaning between the lines

Cleaning between the lines

Quite often we’ll have a customer return a piece of equipment, only to have another customer waiting in the showroom wanting the same item. Immediately. Sometimes we just have to say ‘No’ or delay them while we spend time checking it out before it gets dispatched.

Once you return an item of gear to us it goes through a thorough cleaning and testing process.

Larger items get water blasted, to clear away most dirt and foreign matter. We then air-dry the gear to remove any extraneous moisture.

We’ll then check the basics such as engine oil and any other fluids. We also pull apart any air cleaners to remove excessive dust. We always carry a comprehensive range of spares, so we can swap a clean element for a dirty one, especially if the next customer is waiting. We also check and replace blades, such as chainsaw chains, to make sure the next one starts nice and sharp.

We’ll then give it a quick run to make sure it starts easily, and that everything is in order

Finally we give the unit a spray with a silicon spray to remove any other marks, and to restore its showroom shine. Our Silicon spray also helps to make the next servicing easier, as dirt finds it difficult to stick to silicone.

If we are servicing an electrical item we always run a safety check on our Aegis portable tester. Although the guidelines stipulate testing every three months, we prefer to check before every hire. The results are noted in the log book.

Then, and only then, is the equipment signed off and the green ‘Ready to Hire’ tag placed on the gear.

Most of our gear is up to three years old, although you wouldn’t really know that to look at it. We take good care of our equipment, but then so do the vast majority of our customers. If you’re in a hurry to grab something that’s just been returned, please be patient: there’s a bit going on behind the scenes.

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