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  • Upper Hutt Hire Lawn scarifier corer maintenance Hirepool Kennards

    Lawn Maintenance

    As summer rolls to an end, now is the time to consider some annual lawn maintenance. A bit of work…

  • Upper Hutt Hire Health & Safety and Rent Borrow ESDS

    Providing vital Health & Safety Information: The ESDS.

    Scroll through many of the product pages on our website and you’ll probably come across a link to something called…

  • Upper Hutt Hire Covid-19 Covid 19 Corona Virus Health & Safety OSH Hire Equipment rental

    Moving from ‘Essential’ to ‘Safe’ under the Covid-19 cloud

    The announcement last week that New Zealand will move from Level 4 to Level 3 certainly came as some relief…

  • Asbestos and the obligations

    Back in April we wrote a blog about the introduction of new health and safety regulations concerning asbestos. (https://www.upperhutthire.co.nz/asbestos-and-the-4th-of-april/). Based…

  • PPSR Upper HUtt Hire Rent equipment tools security receivership

    Ebert Construction: The implications

    Like many people, the placement of Ebert Construction Ltd into receivership last week certainly caught our attention. You could almost hear…

  • DIY Electrical

    Living in a Kiwi DIY Wonderland would suggest you can do just about anything around the house, including electrical wiring.…

  • physics post hole boring digging Upper Hutt Hire Kenards kennards Hirepool

    The physics of digging a post hole

    It seems there are quite a few fencing projects around Upper Hutt. Our one-man Tanaka post hole borer has been…

  • Five essentials health and safety plan critical H&S Upper Hutt Hire rent borrow equipment

    Five steps to Health & Safety

    It’s funny how conversations often collide. The Hire Industry held its annual conference in Rotorua at the start of July,…

  • The brave wear yellow

    Even though it’s winter, there are still a few brave souls out there cycling the road of the hutt valley…

  • water tight cladding dehumidifier Upper Hutt Hire rent fan heater

    Keeping it water tight

    Unwanted moisture in a home can be a problem at any time. Add in a bit of cold weather and…

  • Fieldays 2018

    It’s June, activity in the rural sector has slowed with the colder temperatures and mother nature keeps on threatening to…


Opening Hours: Monday -Friday 7.30am-5.30pm | Saturday 7.30am-5.00pm | Sunday 8.00am-4.30pm