Buy versus Rent

Ask any Kiwi for their thoughts and they’ll usually have one opinion about the weather, two opinions about the government and probably three opinions on

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The logic of Utes

Anyone who follows Upper Hutt Hire knows that we have a love for trailers. We have a preference for providing large items of equipment (like

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Pump Hire

Pumping water can be a physics and engineering challenge. For us, finding the right pump in a hurry is a bit easier: it’s more a

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Asbestos and the obligations

Back in April we wrote a blog about the introduction of new health and safety regulations concerning asbestos. (https://www.upperhutthire.co.nz/asbestos-and-the-4th-of-april/). Based on the court appearance of

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DIY Electrical

Living in a Kiwi DIY Wonderland would suggest you can do just about anything around the house, including electrical wiring. Dealing with 240 volts of

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Fieldays 2018

It’s June, activity in the rural sector has slowed with the colder temperatures and mother nature keeps on threatening to dump more rain. It must

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