Work Shouldn’t Hurt

Work Shouldn’t Hurt

We all know that construction can be tough on the body. It’s a tough physical job that has one of the highest rates of muscular-skeletal injury.

And while many in the industry try to ‘tough it out’ it’s hard to find anyone with a few years under their belt who doesn’t carry some permanent injury accompanied by chronic pain. No wonder it’s hard to attract new talent to the construction industry.

Construction Health and Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ) reckon it’s one of the major drivers in poor mental health and a major contributor to loss of productivity. And that makes sense: you feel like shit if there’s continual pain and you can’t work effectively.

Thankfully CHASNZ have done something about it. They’ve launched a new program called “Work Should Not Hurt” at https://www.chasnz.org/wsnh/work-should-not-hurt .

It’s full of good honest advice, and worth a read. If you were looking for a topic for a Health & Safety Toolbox meeting, flick through the pages for some inspiration. You might just prevent some preventable pain.



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