We’re confident…

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We’re confident…

It’s been a while since we last posted a blog on our website. Seems things have been a little busy since our last edition, but we’ve finally had time to put pen to paper (digitally speaking).

It’s hard to believe that winter is almost upon us. Normally the onset of winter denotes a change in business activity, especially at weekends, where many a project is tackled during those two days off. But it’s also refreshing to see the amount of business activity mid-week, with companies, tradesmen and contractors all tackling projects and getting stuff done. The scale of some of the new housing developments in the region is simply staggering, and there is a solid underlying of business confidence permeating Upper Hutt. Wander around any of the industrial zones in Upper Hutt and you’ll be enthused by some of the little success stories being generated.

It’s even harder to believe that this Easter weekend marks our fourth birthday! Back in 2014, starting a new hire business in Upper Hutt seemed an unreasoned gamble. It’s probably escaped most people’s memories but four years ago business confidence in Upper Hutt was pretty much in the doldrums. The economics consultancy firm BERL published a report in January 2014, placing Upper Hutt City 20th out of 20 NZ cities, based on a number of economic indicators. It got a bit of coverage in the media at the time.

Luckily we didn’t read it.

Instead we kept to our business plan, spend our money carefully, had a heap of help from friends and family, talked to a lot of Upper Hutt business and gradually got ourselves established.

Unless we missed it, BERL don’t seem to have updated their 2014 economic advice. It was based on dry economic measures and statistics. Despite being analytically comprehensive it failed to capture the spirit and resilience of communities such as Upper Hutt. Based on the way local businesses are going now, we think the pecking order has probably changed dramatically in Upper Hutt’s favour. As for what Mr BERL et al can do with their 2014 city rankings, well, some things are best left unsaid…

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