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Who we are

Like many inspiration moments, Upper Hutt Hire started off as an idea between a couple of mates at a kids sporting event. With some consolidation of the Hire market in 2013, Garry and Grant Harrison got chatting about the possibility of establishing a hire business in Upper Hutt.

So Garry and Heather Bull, Grant and Karine Harrison, & Paul and Alison Harrison (yeap… cousins) then had some deep and meaningful conversations in early 2014 about setting up a hire business , and how we might do it. Using Grant and Karine’s extensive hire industry experience we came up with a business plan and a shopping list of some of the best equipment.

We threw in a pile of money and set about starting Upper Hutt Hire and so it all happened in a little over 11 weeks. We  started redecorating the building, had great fun unpacking all our new equipment and Bingo! in March 2014 we opened our doors for business! In Late 2016 Grant and Karine sold their shares in the business to the remaining partners, knowing that the business would continue to grow.

Today Upper Hutt has a local hire business, offering outstanding equipment at great value. We continue to re-invest in the business and work closely with both local Tradesmen and DIY clients to help you get the job done.

It’s been a lot of fun so far!

Meet Our Team

Meet the Family

We just had to include all the family cos they helped big time with the renovation of the premises, and getting us open for the 1st April 2014.

Thanks guys for all your hard work.


Upper Hutt Hire Ltd is a NZ Registered Limited Liability Company, incorporated on the 4th February 2014. Our NZ Companies Office Number is 4918839.
We bank with the nice people at ANZ Upper Hutt.
Solicitors: Richard Austin, Treadwell Gordon, Wanganui.
Accountant: Greg Rudings
If you need any more information give us a call!
Upper Hutt Hire New Zealand