A few comments about chainsaws…

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A few comments about chainsaws…

Since we opened 4 years ago, one of our most popular lines has been our chainsaw hire service. Chainsaws have a bit of a reputation for being slightly temperamental. Not many hire companies carry chainsaws in their repertoire, as many in the industry believe they are too much work and hassle. Knowing that a chainsaws performance was going to be a direct reflection on ours, we opted for the Husqvarna range of chainsaws, as they have a decent reputation in the market.  So far, they’re served us well.

A few weeks ago we had a customer who returned the chainsaw, and wasn’t very happy about how things went. While we were a bit taken back by his displeasure, it got us thinking more about how much information we provide to customers, especially if they have a decent sized job to tackle. While we provide some basic information (especially health and safety) on our website, we guess we were guilty of not always knowing what the customer didn’t know.

1. Starting a chainsaw Can often be a bit tricky. Follow the instructions for the choke setting and air purge. Always start a chainsaw with it firmly placed on the ground. Never drop-start a chainsaw.

2. Keep the chain correctly tensioned throughout its use. As the chainsaw warms up and does its job, the chain will also heat up and expand. It’s therefore important to periodically adjust the chain tension to avoid the chain becoming too loose and the internal teeth slipping on the centrifugal clutch. This will result in a ruined chain and very little cutting power.

3. Cut only wood. Hitting anything other than wood will blunt a chain quicker than Ngani Lauampe can dot down under the posts. Cutting into a nail or even hitting dirt will take the edge off the cutting edges of a chain and result in a lot of frustration.

It’s important to us that our customers are happy. Chainsaws require a lot more maintenance than other gear, but we are well set up to sharpen chains and service our gear to ensure it’s reliable. Sometimes things happen beyond our control but that’s when we hope we can resolve the situation as quickly as possible.


Please note: the information provided in these blogs is general in nature, and is true and correct to the best of our knowledge. It is not possible to cover every conceivable situation you may face when using our equipment. Always exercise care and use common sense. Avoid any situation which you consider to be beyond your capability. If you feel uncertain about any operating procedures after reading the information on our website or that related to our equipment, or any Worksafe guidelines, you must consult an expert before continuing. No warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of the informaiton provided by Upper Hutt Hire. While every effort has been made to compile and summarise the important health and safety information for the safe use of equipment, the responsibility for its safe use lies with the hirer.

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