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    Laser Level


    1/2 Day


    $40 $60 $85


    Our rotating laser level is an ideal tool to determine accurate heights for general construction, especially when preparing excavations and boxing up foundations.


    This level includes a durable aluminium tripod, measuring staff and infra-red remote control. Upon start-up the device will self- level in both the horizontal and vertical planes, so there is no need to manually calibrate the level prior to use.


    The rotating head will emit a beam throughout 360° at up to 600 rpm and is equipped with a Tilt / High Impact warning light to guard against any sufficient ‘knocks’ that might affect the levels accuracy.


    It will operate for up to 50 hours on the rechargeable batteries and is accurate to within 3 mm over 30 meters.


    Click here for instruction Manual
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    Trotec moisture measuring kit


    1/2 Day







    The Trotec T510K  mositure measuring kit consists of a professional pin-type tradesperson’s moisture meter kit designed especially for measuring the moisture in timber framing plus a hammer probe and connectors. This moisture meter system is typically used by building inspectors to accurately measure timber framing when conducting pre-lining checks in new construction projects.


    The moisture meter kit measures moisture using the electrical conductance of the timber and is standardised to Pinus radiata (measurements for other types of timber can also be loaded). It comes with two types of electrodes: the standard 45 mm hardened steel probes for testing to a depth of 20 – 30 mm, and the longer 60mm Teflon insulated probes on the hammer probe for obtaining deep timber moisture measurements.


    The Moisture Meter will operate within 0% to 50% and within a temperature range of 0°C to 60°C. This is good robust German design.


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